Monday, March 4, 2013

Entry vignette

Loving entrances today, they are the first glimpse into your home,

there are so many different consoles, cabinets, drawers to choose from

 do you have a mirror or a grouping of frames,

(images from pinterest)
Enjoy your Monday.x


  1. I love a beautiful entry way, this house does not have one!!!

  2. I love entryways as well and these are just beautiful! I have a marble topped antique console with dark walnut base. Above I put an antique hunting piece of art ... I also have beautiful marble peaches, apricots and figs in a huge bowl and a big pink lampbase and canovas shade to bring out the pink in the hunting art!
    have a great week
    best wishes

  3. I would love the opportunity for a stylish entry way, I currently have a very non descript space that has no personality, cant wait for the dream home... what do you have for your director of first impressions Sam??

  4. Hi Trish, I have a console table and mirror, and usually a big bunch of goregous blooms, and more importantly, a chandelier.x


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