Thursday, October 4, 2012


I'm loving this collection of pink and floral plates, I use them for afternoon teas,

I have been spending some time in the garden the weather has been gorgeous, planted up some pink impatients,

these came up from last year, (yay)

and so did this one,

my pink Limoges teacup, (sigh)

and on a sad note, this perfume is getting on the low side.
Have a lovely Thursday.x


  1. Love your Limoges tea cup. Time for some new perfume - hint hint husband.
    Kylie x

  2. Ahhh pink, my favourite. Until 3 months ago this house was very much lacking.

  3. Oooo lovely shades of pink here Samantha. Impatients are such a pretty flower and from memory, they grow quite easily too. I have that perfume, it's glorious! xo

  4. Pretty! Love that plate collection and impatiens are always such lovely flowers :)


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