Saturday, September 29, 2012

A growing garden

I have so much new foliage on my hedges and trees, I will take more photos as soon as it stops raining, its exciting,

this pic may have been from the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show, aren't hydrangea's soothing,

one of the girls in the garden,

I have so many foxgloves planted for summer, they will be stunning this year, just in time for a garden party,
This isn't far away, can you believe how fast this year has gone, I was just looking at old pictures of my boys, they have grown so much in a year. 
Hope your having a gorgeous weekend, thanks for dropping by.x


  1. Your Christmas tree is stunning x

  2. Oh those foxgloves are stunning Samantha, I never realised how beautiful they are. And oh dear, Christmas! So close now... this year has been an absolute flash before my eyes. Time goes too fast. Hope you have a lovely long weekend xo

  3. Looking forward to seeing more hedges photos <3

    Christmas!!!! Eeeeek!


  4. Your garden is always so beautiful, I love seeing your pics....yes xmas is sneaking up this year!!!

  5. The year has gone way too fast. I saw Christmas decorations in David Jones yesterday. Aaaaggghhh.

  6. Love the hedge shot! Mine are brimming with new growth too. It's a pretty time of year in the garden. xx


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