Monday, August 13, 2012

Spring and pink hydrangeas

The sun was out today, it was beautiful,

I'm looking forward to spring, to pick some of these,

drink some Heronswood champagne,  very special.

and many visits to Bunnings,

and pink hydrangeas,

I'm adding some alkaline to the soil, it will encourage all my hydrangeas to be pink, I love blue ones too, but, with my new commitment to duck egg blue cushions and lamp shades, I'm doing pink hydrangeas, I can't wait.
Have a fabulous Tuesday.x


  1. Ooo that sounds lovely, being able to manufacture the colours of hydrangeas. They are such a pretty flower. I'm hanging out for the start of Spring too Samantha xo

  2. I'm really looking forward to spring too. Yesterday it was so nice and sunny here that it reminded us that hopefully it's not too far away.
    I'm doing the opposite, trying to make my hydrangeas blue!

  3. I just noticed some very pretty pink camellias in bloom in my yard, I'm off to fill up my vase!


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