Friday, August 24, 2012

Flower Friday

(Hamilton Island)
It is freezing cold here in Melbourne today, and I have to go out, I have an 8th birthday party to prepare for,

(roses from my garden)
I thought these bright colours might make me feel warmer,

the Melbourne Flower and Garden show,

Hibiscus from Hawaii,


and a flower shop from New York,
I wish I was there too, have a fabulous Friday and keep warm.x


  1. How beautiful Samantha! I love those pansies & the New York flower shop, gorgeous! Hope you have a lovely weekend & the birthday party is lots of fun xo

  2. Beautiful flowers you have there! Good luck on the 8th party! You can do it!

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  3. Oh those flowers are beautiful, bring on Spring, i am desperate for colour in my garden, love Posie

  4. Your roses are stunning - they look like Austins? I'm looking forward to spring and seeing all my roses bloom again. I hope you are having a nice weekend xx


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