Thursday, July 12, 2012

Home Office Design

I am always looking for some home office inspiration,

I love the round table, and all the frames,

so organised, with some colour,

and an inspiration wall,

Have a lovely Friday, whatever you are doing.x

(pictures from


  1. Oh Samantha, I dream of one day having my own home office, I would LOVE that. But with only 2 bedrooms in our tiny home, I don't like my chances. Rather, half of our dining table ends up being my office.
    Gorgeous images, the inspiration wall is amazing xo

  2. adore the round table beneath the frames! Roberta x Sitting in the courtyard of the Crosby Hotel in NYC enjoying a gin and tonic.

  3. Oh just the inspiration I need to get things organised here today! xx

  4. Beautiful pictures - if only mine were clean! I can't even see the top of my desk at the moment.

  5. I love the inspiration wall in the last image.
    My office is a corner of the kitchen, I suppose that is better than nothing! x

  6. Beautiful rooms! A home office is not for me. It always ends up as the junk storage room.

    TDM xx


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