Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flower Friday

I planted these gorgeous pansies, I just got them in before the rain started, don't they look happy :)

I have been over visiting Martha again, and these Dahlias look gorgeous,

this David Austin rose is from my garden, way back when we had spring.

the foxgloves were beautiful, too.
Have a fabulous Friday.x


  1. I love pansies too, they're like little happy faces. They remind me of Mum as she has always planted them in her garden. But, I'd have to say rose are my favourite, especually David Austins. I'm hoping to squish one more into my garden this year :)

  2. A gorgeous collection of blooms Samantha. Those dahlias are amazing... I always love seeing the dahlia exhibition at the Easter Show, as they seem to have the most incredible prize winning dahlia's there.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend xo


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