Friday, June 15, 2012

Entertaining, a few parties and a basketball semi final

I really enjoyed my last issue of Belle magazine, I especially loved the bright pink sparkly "belle" on the front,


blue and silver,

pink and blue,


this little plate of mine is waiting for me to hang it up, I bought it from Anthropologie in New York.  I loved that store.  I carried three of them home so carefully.

Do you collect anything on your travels?


  1. Well done getting three plates home... I tend to purchase safe items like linen etc.
    x Kerry

  2. I would love to visit Anthropologie in New York and I'm sure I would have the usual, packing to come home, with an overweight suitcase, issues!

  3. Usually shoes!!! Although we did bring home some wonderful bits and peices from Thailand. I do admire you carrying those gorgeous plates home, I would be way too worried. Isn't Anthropologie magical?


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