Friday, June 8, 2012

Blue velvet

I am loving blue velvet at the moment, I would prefer the pale blue, but this picture above had a cat sitting there, looking quite settled in.  Very gorgeous.

These colours are lovely arent they, I knew you would love them.
Happy Weekend. xxx

(source:Christina Marie Interiors)


  1. Very pretty, love the giant scrabble letters on the wall as well!!!

  2. Those colours are gorgeous.
    I've been drawn to velvet myself lately too.

  3. They are lovely colours indeed Samantha... and I am loving that gorgeous kitty on the blue lounge too, divine.
    Happy 'long' weekend to you xo

  4. What is it about blue velvet? Something so refined and elegant. Ive been hankering after a blue velvet dress for sometime now, perhaps after the baby is born.

  5. For me, there is nothing more sumptuous than a velvet sofa! And in a light blue? Be still my beating heart!


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