Thursday, May 10, 2012

Picture hanging for Thursday

I am looking for some ideas to fill up a blank wall,

and I founds some over at Better Homes and Gardens

loving the blue wall,

if you have more patience than me, you could actually plan out your arrangement before putting those holes in the wall,

loving that sofa too,

and artwork by our little people is a popular choice,

Enjoy your Thursday.x


  1. Lovely artwork on walls. I've just filled my walls but was looking for inspiration previously. Wish I saw this post then!

  2. I think blank wall only with paint is a old fashioned of wall decoration but now some personal touches gives unforgettable moment to our blank wall. I like plant painting in that blank wall because it creating a awesome looks to our home.
    Gold Coast Sheds

  3. Great inspiration pics Sam, I especially love the butterfly prints. I think I like symetrical layouts best myself!

  4. Ooo I like those arrangements, but agree, I would not even have the slightest amount of patience to make it happen. I'd be whacking those pics up at all angles, just to get the job done! xo

  5. Love picture hanging! Brilliant idea too! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx


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