Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Beachside holiday

Welcome, this is what we were greeted with, a picket fence with a bayview you could see from the front door. I loved it.

the view from the beach, gorgeous

nice windows,

a doggy door bell, I was right at home

we were blessed with beautiful weather for our stay in Tassie,

the living room,

the kitchen,

the path to the beach, I love a beach path with sandy foot prints,

more steps, 

the boys had lots of fun,

lots of walks were had, lots of house stalking looking, what a beautiful place.

I had a beautiful afternoon tea with Jane from Life on Planet Baby, thank you so much Jane for the lovely afternoon.x

Have a fabulous Tuesday everyone.x 


  1. Tasmania is so delightful - and so very different to the mainland. You have reminded me that we need to go back there pronto! I am very keen to see the MONA. Your images are gorgeous.

  2. I am so jealous!! :) Not only of the stunning house you got to stay in and soak up every bit of, but also for getting to meet Jane, how lovely!! That home looks amazing, love the doggy door bell too :)

  3. Wow Samantha, that beach house is gorgeous. I am jealous too. xx

  4. wow SAMANTHA this is gorgeous! HOw did you find it and I would so love to stay there!

    best wishes Frances

  5. My heart is pounding. What an absolutely perfect beach house! I thought it must have been in the Hamptons, no less. Tasmania does have some to die for coast line. I'm with Amanda, and you on the doggy doorbell. x Roberta

  6. No wonder you were so smitten, Sam! I must get the details from you - I feel like staying there, even although I live here ☺. Thanks for the sweet mention - it was delightful to have you over. We could have talked for hours more! J x

  7. Oh yes please. The beach house looks perfect. Glad you had a great time. Holidays are the best.

  8. Gorgeous beach house! The house is stunning! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  9. Samantha is the house in Opossum Bay by any chance? If it is I know it well!!!!! I have just had a lovely journey through your blog! J.

  10. What a gorgeous holiday house. Looks like it could be in the Hamptons! x

  11. Oh, what a view!!! So jealous of you :)



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