Friday, April 27, 2012

Dressing room

Just a few dressing table/spaces to finish the week off with.

dressing table images from decorpad

do you have a dressing table, I do, but it doesn't look like this,

I think I even have a transformer toy on mine, in front of the perfume bottles

so special,

a little bit of sewing has been done here too,


getting a small collection together now, guess what your getting for mothers day mum,

Friday nights are spent at basketball here, but I'm not scoring this week.  Yay.  Have a fabulous weekend whatever your doing.x


  1. I love that second dressing area - wish I had enough room in my bedroom for a nook like that. Your blue fabrics are very pretty. Enjoy your weekend x

  2. I would LOVE a dressing table... alas, we don't even have room for bedside tables in our room! One day, I will have one though, I do like the one in that first pic. Have a lovely weekend Samantha xo

  3. I wish my bedroom was big enough for a dressing area, if I ever build a home it will be. Great pics hope your having a fab weekend too :)

  4. I saw your pic and I would love to say that your so beautiful so is your ideas of furnishing home. I love white color because of its elegance and peace. The dressing tables made so delighted in fact whole bedroom is looking peaceful and relaxed.


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