Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another project - the chicken shed

Hello, we had a lovely holiday in Tasmania last week, I will do lots of post about Tassie, its such a gorgeous place and fabulous get away, we had the most perfect weather.  I just came across this gorgeous project/house over at Southern Living.

I thought I could use it as a chichen house design.  I love it, and I know the chickens will too.

Enjoy your Easter Sunday everyone.xx


  1. Oh, what luxury the chickens will have..just gorgeous. Wishing you a wonderful Easter too. Can't wait to hear more about of my favourite places. XOX

  2. Oh, it was so wonderful to catch up, Sam - I treasured every second of it. Can't wait to read your posts about your trip! J x

  3. That is stunning! Just the inspiration I need. xx


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