Sunday, March 11, 2012

White inspiration

Oh I love this stair case, it is so beautiful,

love white walls together with the cream sofa, very soothing, I would love to have walls like that,

and who wouldn't want to relax here,

gorgeous kitchen, I really like the tiles they have used,

another beautiful staircase,

could you just imagine the rooms off this gorgeous hallway,

(these beautiful pictures were found at decorpad)
a bit of storage,

(this one is my pic)
this is my gorgeous new cabinet, my library, and yes it is quite empty, I need some time to play around with it.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.x


  1. Love the cabinet - it is gorgeous. Post some pictures when you've filled it and got it just right. Can't wait to see it full! Ange

  2. Love all those images but especially the one with te drawers under the staircase :)

  3. Just Beautiful, love that first image. Have a beautiful week xx

  4. Hi Samantha .... I love these images and especially the hallway with the parquet flooring! Thank-you so much for your kind comment and now I have found your lovely blog!
    best wishes


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