Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It has been nearly four years since we moved into our new home.  Where has the time gone, I remember the day we moved in, I was up till 3am excitedly unpacking, just had to get it done. At midnight we had a knock on the door from a film crew wanting to film from our property up the road, maybe for a commercial. 

after we finally had our building permit approval it took only ten months from beginning to end,

we did move in with the plumber still here and the painter too, all the excavating was finished though,

Our neighbours were very friendly and keen to meet us, so keen they broke through the fences and parked themselves outside our bedroom window, a bit of a shock when your not used to cows waking you up, but they were a friendly bunch.

The Melbourne Flower and Garden show is coming up at the end of March, I can't wait. 

I love the garden show, so much inspiration for the garden before winter settles in down here, and its too cold to go outside.  Hope you day is fabulous.x

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  1. Time flies doesn't it. It's nice looking back on old photos and remembering. How lovely to be surrounded by all that land and the cows. Enjoy the flower and garden show - it sounds lovely. Ange


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