Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday nook and hedges with a garden bench

This little nook is in my kitchen, I love hedges and topiary plants, that lovely picture in the back ground is by Gail McCormack, so sweet

fresh flowers

my roses are blooming, just a small bunch for the front room, with my new Home Beautiful magazine

we recently visited Ashcombe Maze at Arthurs Seat,

(images from my camera)

Don't you just love a garden bench in front of a hedge, perfect.
Enjoy your Friday. The weekend is nearly here.x


  1. Happy Weekend to you too Samantha. x

  2. Hmm a glass of wine and a magazine, I could sit on that bench and relax.

  3. love your little nook & beautiful flowers!! Imagine how long it takes to grow such a tall & perfect hedge loike that...stunning!!

  4. Hedges, hedges, hedges. Love, love love :)

    Hope you are having an amazing weekend.


  5. hi samantha, love hedges too, what is it about them? the lush green uniform neatness maybe??? hope you have had a great weekend, thanks for visiting me, look forward to reading more of your lovely posts!
    laura xx


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