Thursday, March 22, 2012

bedroom nooks

I came across these beautiful bedroom nooks on

I love some colour, and white stacked bathroom towels, so civilised/organised,

All beautiful spaces to sit at

a bit of glamour in this one and all of that natural light is beautiful

Have a lovely Thursday.x


  1. THey are all so gorgeous Samantha, I would love a little space like tha myself, some glamour (think crystal chandelier) and loads of natural light for preening and primping. xx

  2. I love that last one - especially under that window where it is with all that light streaming in x

  3. Such a lovely idea, to sit and finish dressing, and I just love the splash of yellow.

  4. I would LOVE a bedroom nook, any of these would be perfect. However, our bedroom IS a nook, it is so tiny it barely fits our queen size bed. Oh well, I can dream xo


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