Friday, February 3, 2012

Pots and hedges

(image from Nicholas plants)

Some ideas for pots in the garden,

I love Martha's idea of a mint chandelier for the garden,

and potted pansies are always gorgeous and smiling at you,

Pink geraniums are so sweet,

and hydrangeas are a great summer plant, look great in pots. 

I have been looking for some garden inspiration, there are so many gorgeous landscaping ideas out there.

this one is from, (sigh) I love those doors

Enjoy your weekend everyone, I'm off to the Melbourne gift fair. X


  1. Have fun at the gift fare!!!

    The first and last images are pure perfection !!!


  2. The mint basket is a cute idea! Have fun at the gift fair x

  3. I just love a good hedge, there is something so refined about it. I love all the pots too. So much prettiness, I wish my thumb wasn't so black.


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