Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cape Cod homes and Disney

I came across these lovely homes by architect/builder Mickey Simpson., this one below was a renovation, it came up lovely didn't it.

I don't know about you, but I definately have green lawn envy here.

When we visited Disney last year, this is how our towells were made up on the bed in our room, I was so excited, not sure if it was because of the shape or that someone else had placed a clean towell on my made bed.

I absolutely love this, I'm going to find one just like it.  This is another snap at Disney, yes I went all that way and did a pot plant tour, I love it.

This was lovely too, looking so healthy and green, the weather here is a bit harsh on our gardens this time of year.  Nothing a trip to Bunnings (hardware/garden store) can't fix.

Have a happy Wednesday everyone.x

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  1. Oh those houses are beautiful... always remind me of the homes in the movies... thinking Father of the Bride :o)
    And I am a big potted colour fan too... they are gorgeous designs you snapped there. I need to get my Bunnings on too! xo


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