Friday, January 20, 2012


This shed is gorgeous with its wisteria, it looks happy.

and this table setting would be so nice for breaky,

table flowers in the silver, so sweet,

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and a tea party for three.

Have a gorgeous weekend, we are having date morning tomorrow at Bunnings.  I can't wait.xx


  1. Hi Samantha. I just adore that first pic with the shed! I would love to replace the barn doors on ours, that someone previously decided to get rid of ...grrr! Thanks for sharing such lovely inspiration! Enjoy your Bunnings trip, I need to make one of those soon ;) Happy weekend ~ x

  2. Oh such lovely, fresh, warm images Samantha. I especially love that breakfast setting, YUM and so relaxing :o) xo

  3. Bunnings is our favourite weekend haunt. That shed is just lovely, it reminds me of my childhood visiting an old Aunt who lived by the river.

  4. Outdoor breakfast is just divine! Enjoy the beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  5. I love that breakfast table picture - I'dlove to sit out on a verandah like that with my cuppa and the newspaper :)


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