Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dream house no. 1

This home looks a bit on the smaller side from the front, but that side view is gorgeous.

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I love a relaxed country home, with its informal living areas and gracious sense of elegance.

A charming Country home plan can be easy-going year-round living or as a holiday home in the country or by the beach, and we would all love one of them.  Spacious porches extend the living space to create a seamless transition between indoors and out.

Country house plans can be one or two stories, most commonly featuring a gable roof with at least one cross-gable or a dormer window. 

Country floor plans offer big kitchens, informal living areas, and plenty of room for families to spread out.  This is just one of the homes I found.  Goreous isn't it.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. Im signing myself up for it!

  2. When can I move in it!
    Just got back from hols so I'm catching up all the lovely posts I've missed!

  3. Stunning Sam, I especially love the addition of natural stone on the verandah posts. Love it!!

  4. What a fabulous home! The view and the architecture is spectacular. Enjoy the lovely Monday ahead, Kellie xx

  5. This is such a beautiful house. Love your style so far - I will be dropping by regularly, I'm sure! :)


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