Monday, January 2, 2012

Baling and polishing the silver

I love this time of year when all the tractors are running around, slashing and baling the paddocks, those machines are amazing, I wish I had one.

I found this silver rose bowl at a local antique store.  It looked a bit sad, I polished it up a bit on Christmas Day would you believe, well before guests arrived and after the big present event,  very soothing, destroyed a few tea towels too.

this is how it turned out, isn't it lovely.  I celebrated with a bunch of roses from the garden. I love it.  Enjoy your holidays everyone.x


  1. What a brilliant transformation... worth a few destroyed tea towels I think :o)
    LOVE those roses from the garden, just beautiful xo

  2. Did't it come up beautifully. What a lovely find.

  3. What a great find, its absolutely gorgeous x

  4. That bowl is beautiful! Keep it under lock and key - I want to steal it.

    TDM xx

  5. That's gorgeous! The roses look just beautiful in it. What a great find and purchase. Enjoy it! Ange

  6. I have been coveting a rose bowl like yours for ages. I thought Father Christmas might provide, but, alas, no. Maybe I need to go to some antique shops instead. I might get lucky like you! Wishing you a fabulous New Year. x Sharon

  7. Just gorgeous and so worth the elbow grease! Love the roses too. XX

  8. wow, what a fantastic job! the roses are just stunning also!!! so soft and pretty, i love them! have a wonderful day!
    laura xx

  9. How clever of you to see the potential in that bowl.
    Your roses are to die for.
    Best wishes for the new year.

  10. Antique shops are so fab when you get a one off find like this gorgeous rose bowl. You did a great job reviving it.

    Stunning roses.

    Lou ; )


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