Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Welcome Martha

Martha Stewart has arrived in Australia, I wish I had realised earlier, I would have loved to have seen her in Sydney.  Martha has built an amazing empire.  

What would you ask Martha over dinner, or a coffee and cake perhaps,

You can visit Martha's blog here

Remember my roses in my Queen Anne tea cup, lovely.

This beautiful water lilly is from my friend J's house.  She has a stunning display of water lillies, they are beautiful.
Have a fabulous Tuesday.x


  1. I did not know Martha was here, not sure what I would ask here! She is an amazing lady and I love her blog. Your friends lilies are stunning! Mimi xx

  2. Lovely roses...I think I would be so intimidated by the meer prescence of Martha that I wouldn't be able to ask her anything, LOL!!


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