Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Because I'm mad on pink, blue and green.  Thought I would look for some traditional christmas colour inspiration.

I finally have my tree up, I have lots of wrapping to do now, and more shopping.  My tree has three hundred fairy lights on it this year, and thats because Target had 40% off lights, I haven't purchased one single bauble yet, but theres still time isnt there. 

Image from HGTV

Wishing you a Happy Wednesday.x


  1. Oh those trees are just delightful. I do tend to go with traditional colours for Christmas. Very festive :)

  2. Your tree sounds as pretty as a Christmas picture. We have 29 metres of colourful fairy lighting strewn around our house... it is so pretty, but when they're on the flashing sequence, it could be mistaken for a disco in our living room ;o)
    Gorgeous images here xo


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