Thursday, December 29, 2011

Beach Box

Hope you all had a fabulous christmas,

we set off to the beach yesterday, the dogs came too

wondered past these bathing sheds

this would be a lovely spot to live

because of the overcast skies, we nearly had the beach to ourselves.  Don't you love walking barefoot in the sand.x

images of Mills Beach, Mornington. Australia


  1. Oh boy, where is that? So cute, they are so exy now, waste of money if you ask me, but of course, no one ever does ask me any more... too old!!


  2. I just love those little beachhouses. They bring so much character.

  3. Just catching up on some old posts whilst I was away & these caught my eye. I must stop by & have a look when I'm passing by - just got a design job in Arthur's Seat so that should be fun.


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