Sunday, November 27, 2011


After a long long weekend of basketball, our team won the Grand final.  We were so excited, what a fabulous team effort,

it was very appropriate that I should come home and pick some roses from the garden,

my hydrangeas are loving all this rain, they are so healthy, I love them

I don't think I have ever had hydrangeas this big before, they must be in exactly the right spot

this beautiful garden which I hope to take inspiration from was on the hgtv website

My friend planted some seeds in cotton wool in these small take away containters $3.95 for 6 from Coles, they come with lids too.  I decided to try it.  I added water, put the lids on and sat them out in the sun.  These seeds are from my Diggers Club at Heronswood (remember the cooking class), I put these seeds in a week ago today, now for the next step.

Have a fabulous Monday everyone.x


  1. Congrats to the basketball champs, they must be over the moon.
    looks like you have a green thumb, I have a thing for hydrangeas these days, thanks to blogging!!

  2. How wonderful, congratulations on the win. And those hydrangeas are just divine.

  3. #1 Congratulations on your victory - it's always a long road to the finals and I'm sure everyone was elated with this final win.

    #2 - Your garden looks terrific and I'm enjoying one small pot of hydrangeas in our garden too - methinks it will need to be propagated to increase our enjoyment next year.

    #3 - Great tip for the seeds - I want to put some Rocket into the vege patch and this looks like just the way to give the seeds a head start.

    Happy day Lovely,


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