Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas at Macys

I came across these christmas trees from Macys, these photos didn't turn out too bad, I took them as I was running to the Martha Stewart section, Martha is everywhere in Macys.

What colour will your tree be this year, because I have way too many pink, green and blue baubles mine will be the same gorgeous colours this year.  Have a fabulous Monday.x


  1. Isn't it just lovely.
    Our Christmas tree is Gold, Purple and Red. we have had these colours for quite a few years now and there are a few treasures among, including my boy's personalised baubles, that we have collected, so I guess I can either add more colour or stick with what we have. Maybe I might add some green?

  2. I need to start thinking 'Christmas', so you are helping to get me in the mood. My tree is always white, gold and green. x

  3. well, a colorful christmas tree would be very nice to see.. preparing for the christmas season is really an exciting thing to your blog, following you now.. hope you could visit my blog too.. kissess!!!

  4. How lucky to be there at that time of year with all the Christmas depts set up - love the trees & decorations!


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