Friday, September 23, 2011

What to pack

I found this gorgeous travel diary from Kikki K for my smallest big boy to use.

Lots of info to fill in and comes with stickers too.

I love this aeroplane tag too

Oooh, very stylish travelling bag, all travelling tips say to pack less, so you have more room for the new purchases.  Good advice.

 This is gorgeous, so shiny, so organised.
What do you wear travelling, do you go in comfort, tracksuit perhaps, especially if your trip is overnight and involves an attempt at sleeping or do you have an airport outfit, comfortable but smart.  These are my airport shoes, I don't have toddlers to chase anymore, so I can wear a wedge to the airport, the more I wear the more room I have in my suitcase.

Have a great weekend everyone.x


  1. I like your philosophy of the more you wear, the room you have in your case! I might borrow that one. I like your shoes too. x Sharon

  2. Hello Samantha

    Unfortunately I don't travel much at the moment - but when I did - I travelled so much I got sick of it.

    I always dressed to impress you might say - I carried a bag on board that had a dressy tracksuit in it and other comforts, and changed for the flight when on board after a little while.
    I then changed back again into my dressed to impress clothes before disembarking.

    It always worked wonders for the way I was treated with travelling.

    I remember one night returning home to Australia from Asia reasonably quite flight and cleansing my face in the middle of the isle talking to the Qantas crew in my track suit and grabbed the row nearest to me to get a few hours sleep. (but Samantha - that's our secret - right!)

    have a great weekend



  3. I love both Kikki K & Louis Vuitton but I do own more of one brand the other! I don't know if you shop at Bentons Square S/C but I did the refurbishment of that - I'm there all the time consulting to the various retailers on new shop fit outs, etc. I love that side of the coast especially 'Coastal Living' in Rosebud - I was there during the week & had to drag myself out!


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