Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We have a new Ikea super store that has opened up here in Melbourne, I haven't had a big day out there yet.  Maybe when I get back from my holiday.

It is apparently so big, I will need to have morning tea and lunch and even afternoon coffee just to see the entire store.  This sounds like so much fun. 

I haven't been to Ikea since it left Moorabbin years ago, the only memories I have of that store are when Kath and Kim were there shopping.

Do you have a big Ikea store near you, do you shop at any of the superstores, like Bunnings.  I love Bunnings too.


  1. These are lovely pieces! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  2. You will love it Sam. I took another trip out there yesterday and came home with a couple of bags full of goodies. I gradded a stash of those tea towels too. Enjoy your holiday. X

  3. I am also loving the close proximity of Ikea. We used to travel into Richmond for my Ikea fix...I will now have to sweet talk the hubby into making a day of it soon :) He is surprised I haven't suggested it yet!!!

  4. It sounds a bit scary!! I love Ikea but am always so overwhelmed when I go there and I get so sidetracked :) I think I'd need a whole weekend in your new one :)

    I also enjoy wandering around Bunnings and always come out with something for our home regardless of what I'm there for :)

  5. Ikea is decorators paradise. It is a great day out for me too.


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