Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cupcakes and birthdays

We recently celebrated a birthday over here, some friends popped in with some gorgeous cakes they made.  I took photos of mine too, but your not going to see those ones, I'll see how the next batch looks.

Present topper from Target.

I have a gorgeous collection of side plates, I found all of them at a local antique store, each one would have cost no more than $6.00, I would come home with one every week.

This cake was so sweet, its all gone now of course.

Do you make your own birthday cakes, how do they turn out. I would love to go to cake school, just to learn the finishing touches.x


  1. Im with you Samantha, I would also love to go to cake school for my own personal use!!!

  2. Those cakes look delish Samantha!

    Its hard to believe that as a teenager I worked in a bakery and was actually learning to decorate wedding cakes and I seriously dont think I have baked a cake since I stopped working there...

    I've eaten a lot though! ;-)


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