Monday, September 19, 2011

Bunnings visit

Mum and I visited Bunnings this afternoon, these weeping cherry trees were gorgeous, people were filling up their trolleys with them.

very pretty, very spring,

I have already planted my heirloom tomatoes,


Who wouldn't want to live here.

Crab apple blossum tree, I love them so much I planted six last spring, they are so small, but I'm sure all this rain we are having right now will help.

Mum looks fabulous in red.

This is what I went to Bunnings for, some sugar cane mulch for the rose garden, so the weeds don't take over while we are away on holiday.

Mmmmm, biodegradable pot

We came across this vintage BBQ, it only comes in white though, some pastel colours would look nice, they are already loaded on trolleys in their boxes, ready to wheel out, they cost a bit more than the little round portable ones.  You could fit a few sausages on this one.

Enjoy your Tuesday.xx

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  1. Bunnings is Ollie's favourite trip. He goes with his Da (Grandad) and they get up to all sorts of mischief. Its a bit of a favourite for us all I think.


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