Monday, May 30, 2011

Dining nook

What a beautiful place to enjoy a meal, I am unable to post any comments at the moment due to blogger problems.  Apparently this problem will be fixed soon, so have a happy week everyone, and i hope I can leave comments soon.

these beautiful pictures are from Canadian House to Home.


  1. GORGEOUS! I esp love the first two. I've had on and off blogger commenting probs too - so annoying isn't it. I hope it fixes soon.

  2. Loving these images especially the first one. I'm thinking about chairs that are similar. I have had comment probs too but have found if I click out of the 'keep me signed in' box, it will let me comment. Hope this helps! X

  3. I am having the same problem Sam only on blogs that have embedded code. Others you can chose the name/URL option and that seems to be working for me, its been driving me crazy.

    I love these pics.


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