Monday, March 28, 2011

Shutters, lamps and geese

Image from somewhere, not my bathroom.

I really love shutters, I have them in each bathroom.  They are no problem to clean, a quick dust, thats all they need.  They look fabulous.

I came across these lamp shades from somewhere, aren't they sweet.

Three years ago when we built our home, our geese had to be sent to my girlfriends house to stay awhile.  We were living in a little suburban house while we were building and our neighbours were waking up to my geese.   So a quick dash was made to her country home, not far away.  Before the house was finished being built we had a goose pen and fencing installed so they were able to move in before us.  It was again all a bit of a rush but I had lots of newspaper down and one of those picnic rugs from Bunnings.
Hope your all having a fabulous

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  1. You have Geese? I am jealous! I too love shutters, we are planning to build at some point if we can't buy what we want, and shutters are on my must have list.
    Those lamp shades are gorgeous too. As always Sam your style is impeccable.


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