Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just relaxing

Afternoon tea with Jessie and friends

Happy New Year to you all, hope your enjoying your time with family and friends. 
We are spending time at the beach, in the garden and with lots of visitors.

I love these old vintage outdoor settings, this one belongs to a friend.   I do prefer it all the one colour, they used to be painted in different colours, red, green, yellow, white, I think.  I will have to get a photo from my mum, my grandparents had one. x


  1. What a lovely setting.

    My Grandparents had a bench just like this which my Mum has absconded with to place beneath a grove of trees on their property.
    It's painted in a dark red but I love your version in the white with matching table.

    This photo tempts me to get the trailer and do a midnight dash and some renovating, hmmm and face the ire of my Mother....perhaps I'll just admire yours instead!

    Felicity x

  2. I would love a seat like the one above for our backyard - perfect for enjoying the sunshine while watching our little girl play :)

  3. Ahh... the memories, my grandparents had one too, sounds like your having a great time, sending best wishes your way for2011

  4. I have two old seats in my yard that I quite like as they are weathered and grey, but I must say also being a HUGE fan of painting I'm thinking I'll paint them white. Lovely photo you have taken with Jessie. My Grandma had the same type setting with yellow, green and red. Does that sound rasta-esque? :)

  5. Hi Sam,just found your blog and am now happily following along.Love the vintage settings too..xx

  6. I posted an award for you on my blog Sam - I think it fits you wonderfully. xxx

  7. Love it, have been on the look out for something similar.

  8. What a lovely spot to lounge with friends! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  9. Oh yes I'm with you all the one colour looks fab...I remember my grandparents having a rainbow set...very bright indeed.. Happy New Year XOX


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