Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday Tree

Image from Southern Living

After finding this beautiful christmas tree, I came to realise that I need more lights.  But definately not baubles, I have way too many, must stop buying christmas baubles.  I think its all the bright colours, I really can't stop.

I can't wait to put our tree up this year, have I mentioned we all trek out to the paddocks at the christmas tree farm on a train (well a kind of tractor train with carriages) and we are then set free to wonder and choose a tree of our choice, tag it and then its cut down and taken back for us.

This whole adventure requires the trailer, which means a trip to the tip before the christmas tree farm.  Enjoy your day.

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  1. Nice tree, I also need more lights. I love the smell of a real tree, I have a fake but I hang a pine scented smelly thing in my tree to make it at least smell like xmas!!


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