Friday, November 5, 2010


Just arrived home from a lovely stay in Singapore, luckily for my family we were travelling home with Singapore Airlines and managed to avoid the engine explosion on the other airline.  We enjoyed Universal Studios, a Singapore Sling at Raffles and Halloween celebrations at the zoo, not to mention the fabulous food.

Cakes from the shop at Marina Bay Sands.

Raffles Hotel

My Singapore Sling at Raffles.

Desk in our room.  Nice and tidy before we unpacked at Marina Bay Sands

We couldn't get to the pool soon enough.  Singapore is very hot, so a dip at the end of the day is a must, and first thing in the morning too.  But i did wait till the afternoon dip for cocktails.  I enjoy going away, but I really love coming back home too.  Now for Christmas.


  1. I love Singapore, have been a couple of times now - hope you got in some quality shopping time.

  2. Great snaps. I love Singapore, and it's so easy with a family. Raffles is so timelessly chic isn't it? xx


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